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Our shock-absorbent rubber flooring in Dubai is trendy for many sports grounds and commercial places. Different pattern and color options are available at our store to ensure a contrasting theme.

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We Offer High Quality Rubber Flooring Dubai with Different Patterns

You might wonder why only gray rubber floors are installed in every space. Let’s discover more about our extensive collection. We provide premium quality floors made of rubber material in different colors to install in every commercial or private place.

You can also get the unique pattern with our custom rubber flooring Dubai. We offer a free visit that can be claimed by contacting our flooring company in Dubai. Our team will visit your place to suggest the most innovative pattern and color scheme to transform your place’s functionality and aesthetics.


Our Installed Rubber Floors Across Dubai

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Epdm Floors-Kids Area
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Interlocking rubber tiles

We Offer Different Rubber Flooring Types in Dubai

To give a wide selection range to our customers, we stock the various types of rubber floors in our collection.


Rubber Mats Flooring

We provide top-quality rubber mat flooring to install at your home, office, or any other place. You can pick the mats with adhesives for stability.

EPDM Flooring

EPDM rubber floor is usually installed with a bright color scheme to give places an energetic vibe and extreme functionality.

Rubber Sheet Flooring

Our rubber sheet flooring is the easiest to install as it comes in the roll form. You can place it any place by yourself or get our expert services anytime.

Sports Rubber Flooring

It is essential to ensure the soft flooring in sports grounds. Our sports rubber flooring has a non-slip surface to avoid slip falls.

Looking for Affordable Flooring Treatments in Dubai?

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Hire Us For For Supply and Installation of Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles

We aim to provide the perfect fitting of interlocking rubber flooring in Dubai with low installation costs. Our experts ensure that rubber floor tiles are placed with the proper alignment to ensure the durability of floors.

Our installed rubber floors in Dubai are less likely to get wear and tear even with rough use because of the quality adhesives. You can hire our expert installation services with fast project completion assurance.

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Working Procedure

How Do We Install Rubber Flooring in Dubai?



Site Visit

After visiting the site, we can give the correct estimation.




Before starting, we take accurate measurements of the floor area.


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Our team will do your subfloor cleaning and preparation.



Our experts install the rubber flooring in Dubai seamlessly.

Why Choose Us For Rubber Flooring in Dubai?

Our flooring company is located near the Sheikh Zayed Road in Al Quoz. We service customers from every local area of Dubai with our top-notch rubber floor treatment at reasonable rates.

Long Lasting

We provide flooring made of the finest quality rubber, ensuring lasting serviceability.

Increased Comfort

Enjoy the sound insulation and shock absorbant features of our rubber floor mats.

Low Maintenance

Our top-quality rubber floors only require a little effort to clean stains or spills.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

We always help our customers to know more about our products and services. You can ask any rubber flooring-related queries from our online support system.

Our outdoor rubber flooring tiles can be installed without fear of fading or cracks. They can bear the sunlight exposure and high foot traffic. Get the most durable outdoor flooring in Dubai from our shop.

You might be wondering if rubber floors will get damaged with the heavyweight belongings. Our shock-absorbant rubber floors do not get damaged or bent with heavyweight things. They can bear weight of up to 120kg without leaving any marks.

Selecting the right rubber floor type and thickness level is crucial to getting the most suitable treatment for your activity needs. Our consultants are available to guide you in a friendly way to choose the best density or thickness of non-slip rubber floor tiles. Book a free on-site visit by calling us anytime.

Our cheap rubber flooring in Dubai has 100% water resistance and is not damaged by spills. The water cannot penetrate inside the rubber mats to damage your subfloor. You can remove the water from the surface easily. But, you must be quick and careful to handle the harmful chemical spills.

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