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Experience the unparalleled excellence of our top-quality outdoor flooring Dubai. Discover the ultimate choice that stands out. We run a flooring company in Dubai that is famous for the excellence of our outdoor floor treatments. Let your outdoor area transform into a masterpiece of beauty and functionality.

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We Are the Top Outdoor Flooring Trend Creators in Dubai

We pride ourselves on our unique designs and experience as top service provider of outdoor flooring in Dubai. We flawlessly integrate aesthetics and durability in modern and classic forms to create a stunning outdoor retreat.

Using various materials and finishes, we can construct custom flooring that matches your idea. We use quality wood, composite, or stone pavers for an elegant effect in outdoor spaces. Rely on our flooring company in Dubai to improve your outdoor space.


Showcasing Our Outdoor Flooring Designs

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Outdoor Flooring Options You Can Get Install From us

Discover a diverse range of outdoor flooring options we offer for professional installation

Deck Flooring

Choose from a wide range of durable and stylish decking materials that add elegance to your outdoor area.

Stone Paving

Create a natural look with stone pavers that are durable, low-maintenance, and perfect for creating pathways.

Vinyl Tiles

Enjoy stunning outdoor decor with our vinyl tiles that are aesthetically pleasing and provide a non-slip floor.

Artificial Grass

Our artificial grass offers a touch of nature and takes no upkeep to add a refreshing look to your outside space.

Looking for Affordable Flooring Treatments in Dubai?

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Hire Us for Outstanding Outdoor Flooring Installation in Dubai

Experience the incomparable experience of our highly trained individuals who provide amazing services. To guarantee your happiness, we pay attention to every detail. We install flooring for any outdoor space, such as playgrounds, decks, and sports areas,

From flawless installation to subfloor preparation, we guarantee that your outdoor flooring Dubai stays in perfect condition for years. We can handle all aspects of installation and maintenance, allowing you to enjoy an appealing outdoor area.

Flooring For Sale Online in Dubai

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Outdoor Flooring Roadmap

How Do We Install Outdoor Flooring For Decks and Other Areas?


Site assessment

First, considering different factors, we evaluate the outdoor space where the floor will be installed.



Design Planning

We collaborate with clients to determine the desired outdoor floor arrangement and style.


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Selection and Purchase

Our team will help the client select suitable, durable, weather-resistant outdoor flooring.


Professional Installation

With durability assurance, you will get the best outdoor floor treatment on a decided time and date.

Why Choose Us For Garden and Balcony Flooring in Dubai?

Choose Carpets Online Dubai for your flooring needs because we are the experts in Dubai. Our expert staff has years of experience providing the best flooring services for gardens, patios, swimming pool decks, balconies, terraces, and rooftops. We use the best materials and newest methods to create durable, attractive outdoor flooring Dubai.

From stunning designs to seamless installations, we strive for perfection in every project. Trust us to enhance your outdoor space and create a lasting impression with our expertise. Feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment with our flooring experts.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your needs and budget, but options like composite decking or artificial grass are popular choices for outdoor spaces.

Clear any dust, level the subfloor, and consider adding a weed barrier or gravel to improve drainage.

Basic tools like a tape measure, saw, drill, and level are typically required. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for specific requirements.

It is possible to install the outdoor flooring yourself, but hiring a professional is often easier and more efficient.

Regular cleaning, periodic inspections for damage, and following maintenance instructions from the manufacturer are essential for longevity.

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