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The wide variety of beautiful designs, patterns, and finishes in our magnificent parquet flooring Dubai selection will do wonders for the visual appeal of any room. Our flooring in geometric patterns and rich natural tones sets a standard for elegance that can’t be ignored.

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We Are the Best in Providing Beautiful Parquet Flooring Dubai Textures

We offer the most attractive parquet textures, including dark brown, black, and oak brown. Our knowledge and years of experience enable us to create magnificent and distinctive flooring that will make a statement in any room.

We can create a traditional and modern look for your place with different flooring textures available at our flooring shop in Dubai. Our experts use only the best materials to ensure the finest quality and lasting elegance of our parquet flooring in Dubai.


Our Recently Installed Parquet Floors

Parquet flooring Dubai
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Types of Parquet Flooring Patterns That We Install

You will find the different pattern options for parquet floors. We have the expertise in the trendiest patterns of this floor treatment.

Herringbone Parquet Flooring

Herringbone flooring pattern consists of rectangular wooden blocks arranged in a zigzag pattern. It adds sophistication to interior spaces.

Chevron Parquet Flooring

The wooden floor tiles or planks are arranged in a V-shaped pattern in a chevron. This design creates a bold, dynamic look often associated with modern interiors.

Basketweave Parquet Flooring

This parquet floor comes in pairs of rectangular blocks laid horizontally and vertically, creating a woven or “basketweave” appearance.

Mosaic Parquet Flooring

These patterns can vary widely, from simple designs to complex motifs, and the tiles are typically smaller than other parquet types.

Looking for Affordable Flooring Treatments in Dubai?

basketweave parquet floor Dubai

Hire Us for the Finest Parquet Floor Installation in Dubai

We pay close attention to detail and utilize high-quality materials to provide a perfect finish, whether installing or maintaining flooring. Our professional knowledge makes installing parquet more versatile.

We also apply lasting floor finishes to keep your floors looking great for years. Hire our team and get the best parquet flooring in Dubai. Our Services are available in all local areas i.e. Bur Dubai, Downtown, Midriff, Al Quoz, and Palm Jumeirah.

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Parquet Flooring Roadmap

How Do We Ensure Perfect Delivery of Parquet Flooring?


Preparing the Subfloor

Clean the subfloor, remove any debris or existing Flooring, ensure it is level and dry, and apply a moisture barrier if necessary.




We measure the floor to give the accurate destination of cost and tiles required for the parquet floor.


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Our experts lay the parquet tiles in the desired pattern, using adhesive or interlocking mechanisms.



After installation, we sand and seal the parquet flooring, apply a protective finish, and allow it to dry completely.

Why Choose Us For Supply and Install Parquet Flooring?

Our magnificent parquet flooring is made from the best materials, such as SPC, Wooden, and luxury vinyl tiles for unmatched longevity. Experience perfect flooring that lasts for years without wear or decay. Our professionals skillfully install your parquet flooring in Dubai with their expertise. Their attention to detail and experience guarantee a gorgeous and long-lasting floor. Let us make your home a masterpiece of beauty and refinement.

Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, from helping you choose the right flooring to answering your questions.

Competitive Prices

All clients can afford our high-quality flooring at low prices. Get the look of costly floor treatment at low budget.

Trusted Reputation

We have a wide customer fan base who trust us for parquet flooring Dubai due to our industry reputation in Al Quoz.

Parquet flooring Dubai

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Regular sweeping and damp mopping is a recommended ways to clean these floors.

Its attractiveness can be restored by repeated sanding and finishing.

Parquet flooring is compatible with radiant heating and provides efficient heat insulation.

It is possible to overlay several different kinds of existing flooring, including concrete, vinyl, and plywood.

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