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If you want the best combination of style and durability, go for our vinyl flooring in Dubai. Many design and texture options are available to add aesthetics to your interior. We are here to transform your interior with our flooring.

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We Offer Versatile Vinyl Flooring Dubai at Fair Rates

There is no need to look for the different flooring shops in Dubai for different area floor transformations. Our vast collection of vinyl flooring Dubai has different designs and thickness levels of these floors for every place.

  • Our 2mm vinyl floors are best for villas and apartments. It comes with the wide design options.
  • You can get our 4.5 mm thick flooring for offices and places where durability is important.
  • We provide waterproof and durable vinyl floors with 8mm thickness for commercial places with high foot traffic.


Modern Vinyl Flooring Designs in Our Shop

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LVT Flooring Dubai
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LVT flooring dubai
LVT Flooring Dubai
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04 Different Types of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a very trendy flooring material choice because of its amazing features. Have a look at different kinds of these floors.


Vinyl Tile Flooring

We provide the most stylish design and textures in our vinyl tile collection. These tiles are the best choice to add an appealing look to any interior space.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Our vinyl planks with wooden textures are the best choice to give your home a traditional look. You can find these planks in different shades for every interior.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

We provide vinyl flooring rolls, which can be installed at every place. This sheet flooring is known for narrow spaces because they are very flexible.

SPC Vinyl Flooring

This flooring type has extreme stability and durability because of its dense core. You can install it in your office and home as well.

Looking for Affordable Flooring Treatments in Dubai?

Vinyl Flooring Dubai

We Install Vinyl Floors Perfectly At Low Rates

No one wants to compromise the installation after buying luxury vinyl flooring in Dubai. We handle every project with care by following all quality standards. Our team has experience in handling every vinyl floor type.

You can get the perfect floor treatment from us at reasonable prices. Also, our professionals have expertise in installing vinyl floors with different installation methods like glue-down, click-lock, and floating.

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How Do We Install Vinyl Floors in Dubai?


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We analyze deeply if your place needs subfloor preparation.



Get ready to see the most stunning vinyl flooring at your place.

Why Choose Us For Vinyl Flooring in Dubai?

Our Carpets Online Dubai is known for providing premium-grade products and treatments. You can ensure the cost-effective installation with durability assurance with our vinyl flooring experts.

Scratch Resistance

We apply the protective layer on our white vinyl floors to prevent scratches.


Our antibacterial vinyl flooring Dubai is safe for people with allergies.

Easy maintenance

You can use water or vinyl floor cleaners occasionally to keep their shine.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a better idea now of how extensive is our vinyl flooring collection. Here are some more aspects discussed below of this amazing floor treatment.

Our floors can withstand the high foot traffic in commercial places without getting scratched or losing their shine. Our company understands that getting expensive floor treatments like wood or ceramic can be expensive. This is a practical solution to get the look of elegant floors.

We provide vinyl tile and plank flooring for every space. The final pattern selection depends on you which should be finalized according to theme and style of your interior. You can also consider your furniture before selecting furniture. After considering all these aspects, you can choose the best pattern for this amazing flooring from our collection.

It is not necessary to distal the padding or underlayment. You can use it under your vinyl floor for more comfort and acoustics. But, if you have an uneven surface, using underlayment on the subfloor is essential to ensure perfect and smooth flooring.

Our floors do not have toxic materials, which makes it best for your pet to play on. In addition, it is suitable for homes with pets because they do not get scratches from the sharp nails of pets. So choose the right shade of vinyl floors from our collection and surprise your pet with new flooring.

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